Marketing Profile: Jay Hansen

photo of Advancement employee

Jay Hansen, Director of Publications

“If you want to work in an environment where you are always going to be encouraged to chase the next horizon, Ohio State is the place to be.  It’s a natural learning environment because education is our core business and the core of what we’re trying to accomplish.” 

Jay Hansen, Director of Publications in Editorial Communications at The Ohio State University, considers himself fortunate to work in a field that is intertwined with education and makes a difference in people’s lives.

“I’m a huge believer in education. Both of my parents were teachers, so I grew up in a household where education was the number one priority at all times. Working at Ohio State is a chance for me to influence education in some way. Although I’m not in classrooms impacting kids’ lives like many of the faculty here, I do feel that my work helps the educational process along.”

When asked what he does, Jay tells people he works in marketing at Ohio State, but he knows it goes far beyond that. His work reaches our alumni and friends who truly care about the university.

“All the things that we’re writing and the marketing materials we’re putting together will eventually land in the living room of someone who has a strong feeling about the institution. Some degree of passion about this place. And that is what it’s all about.”

The talented people and the compelling work are two driving forces in Jay’s career. Ohio State may be a large place, but Jay is always finding opportunities to collaborate. “Our work is really dependent on each other and collaboration is at the base of everything we do here. Without successful collaboration, none of our work can be as good. Ohio State is a great place to work because I know that if I’m working on a project and there’s a piece I’m having a hard time with, there’s somebody here who has the talent to take something good and make it better. There are so many resources around this institution and such a depth of talent. Everyone here is the best at what they do, and you don’t necessarily find that other places.”