Julie Anstine

Julie Anstine Senior Director of Special Projects

“One of my earliest memories of Ohio State is learning the fight song in elementary school,” Julie Anstine says. “I have always been a Buckeye.”

Still, it took the Columbus native some time to fully discover the university in her backyard. Graduate school here introduced her to a vast student and alumni network, and the job experiences that followed uncovered a richly diverse operation with countless moving parts and players. Now Julie knows Ohio State — and its dedicated supporters — better than most.

As the senior director of special projects in Advancement, Julie oversees a wide variety of strategic initiatives and serves as a key liaison with university partners and external constituents. She also leads Ohio State’s donor experience efforts, working with partners across the university to ensure that donors know the value and impact of their gifts to the university.

“Our alumni and donors are our partners in improving lives,” she says. “They should feel respected and proud of what they’re accomplishing, and they should know that we’re grateful for their support. I want their experiences to be incredible.”

After earning an economics degree at Vanderbilt University, Julie completed her master’s in health administration at Ohio State while working at the Wexner Medical Center. Graduation arrived with an opportunity to serve as a special assistant to an Ohio State senior vice president, and Julie soon found herself navigating such unfamiliar territory as parking, public safety and physical planning.

It was a stretch from health administration, but it turned out to be invaluable experience bridging the university’s complex operations. From there, Julie moved into the university president’s office, where she worked as administrative director and assistant to the president. In 2013, she came to Advancement to lead a newly created team focused on providing positive, memorable and inspirational experiences for alumni and friends who support Ohio State.

“My current role is a lot of orchestrating, which I enjoy,” she says. “I love to be able to bring the right people together to work through a project. I am grateful and proud to be part of a team that inspires others to connect with Ohio State and builds lasting relationships with countless passionate and generous Buckeyes.”