Our culture of diversity and inclusion

The Advancement Inclusion Council at The Office of Advancement is committed to creating a diverse and talented team by embracing inclusion and diversity. 

The Advancement Inclusion Council advocates for an inclusive culture that inspires an exceptionally diverse and talented team. We welcome volunteer Advancement staff with the goals of putting people first, embracing differences, encouraging conversations and raising awareness.

Advancement Inclusion Council (AIC)

The Office of Advancement is proud to have a group of 16 volunteer employees who help the organization focus on diversity and inclusion efforts.
Leslie Bleiweiss
Leslie Bleiwess
Donor Experience
Image of Holly Danzig, member of the Diversity and Inclusion council
Holly Danzig
Human Resources
Marisa Delane, Alumni Association
Marisa Delane
Alumni Association
Destin Grayson, Regional Advancement
Destin Grayson
Regional Advancement
Jade Lac, Medical Center Donor Relations
Jade Lac
Medical Center Donor Relations
Image of Bernice Martin Lee, member of the Advancement Diversity and Inclusion Council
Bernice Martin Lee
Wexner Medical Center Development
Dana Mack, WOSU
Dana Mack
Debbie Melser, Corporate Relations
Debbie Melser
Corporate Relations
Image of Stephanie Mizer, Senior Management, Talent Acquisition and Management and Chief Diversity Officer
Steph Mizer
Human Resources
David Precise
David Precise
College of Arts and Sciences
Image of Aimee Riesenberg, Donor Experience
Aimee Riesenberg
Donor Experience
Daniel Rodriguez, Scholarship and Student Support
Daniel Rodriguez
Scholarship and Student Support
Ankit Shah
Ankit Shah
Alumni Association
Image of Jason Shults, University Marketing, part of the Diversity and Inclusion council
Jason Shults
University Marketing
Photo of Advancement Inclusion Council Member, Elizabeth Stackpole
Elizabeth Stackpole
Advancement Gifts and Records
Angie Theaker, IT
Angie Theaker